Increasing Airlines’ Customer Experience

  • Baskar Rengaiyan, Chief Executive Officer
  • August 30, 2020

Commercial airlines are experiencing exponential growth.  It means it must deal with more Passengers. Swelling size in growth brings lots of challenges while providing the best Passenger experience. Unless airlines increase the innovation footprint, it may lose its competitive advantage. The latest trending technologies can step in to solve the challenge. I assure you, the technology that can seriously pitch-in, every travel touchpoints of the passengers.

Travel Insight, as good as a market place where tourism can promote their city. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can assist the promoter and the prospects. Insights may be generated by infusing AI in their ‘sights’ to get voice-guided the surfers.  

Pre-plan is the place travel aggregators can play their role than just providing the travel options today. Pre-plan ideally should cover the standard travel cycle, end to end. But be aware, the profiling of the customer is essential before launching your ideas otherwise, it will backfire. A great profiler needs sizeable data. So invest in data science to generate a wealth of knowledge for customers and good commercials for travel aggregators.

Travel Options are matured but still lack brevity while sharing information to the prospects. Data orientation vs. defining the passenger profile will eliminate the provider to have better control and to increase the look to book ratio. So please track your ‘look to book ratio’ rules-engine to improve the growth engine.

Booking should be a more transparent process. But the aggregators or some booking agents don’t get it right. When payment advice raised,  the sites bring new line items with some charges. It makes the booking customer very wild. Instead of adding that petty money, the sites can earn it decently by bringing more services. What the sites needed is more data and the right strategy to deploy the same. In travel, several revenue opportunities exist. Sites can now introduce more eCommerce capability to get it delivered, either at the airport while flying or on landing at the destination. Fit your website with the right size of data lakes, which can start increasing the revenue opportunities.

Check-in often delayed due to baggage disputes, weight, and traceability anxiety at the destination. Airports to increase more electronic weighing scales, educating the challenges on bringing several bags. Sometimes customer book tickets for multiple destinations with different PNRs to get the right economics. But the Check-in solution doesn’t handle it rightly sometimes, resulting in increased baggage collection chances high at destination. It has to be fixed by the technology providers.

Airport Retail supposed to be a proactive approach. Often I found it is reactive. Pre-boarding hours are big money-spinner. But it is getting wasted. There are several services which you can offer ‘without adding any weight’ to the passengers, especially services. I found only a few credit card companies use it wisely. Passenger profiling has to be done by the airports, airlines. But you need – either an experience data or social media data of the customer. Please use those data and rebrand the airport retail. Trust me, and your airport will become classic.

Departure includes the challenges associated with Delays and passenger re-accommodation challenges. I still the airport operations are highly manual and re-accommodation, as well. Both should be, ideally controlled by your Rules Engine to drive the automated technology solutions. If more matured on that space, Bring in AI solution to run the airports. Period.

Inflight has several advantages. Internet penetration within aircraft has increased. Passengers should be allowed to place an order of a movie, entertainment programs, more customized cuisines are the way forward on long-haul flights. Please plug-in your inflight entertainment systems with customers mobile so that he can plan the options to spend. Inflight sales need more curation against the type of customers irrespective of what is currently exists. Right retail options support can be availed using the good fit simple data science projects or leverage the one already done by retailers to loan. Either you further customize the options according to your need or fit as it ‘fits.’

Arrival anxiety goes down as soon as you collect the pieces of baggage on most of the cases. Please share your baggage system with customers so that they can track their bags and on their whereabouts. Simple.

Forex may be made complete online process to avoid compliance and doubts of customs and government. Several automation options are available at the primary level, so let us move the next topic. I only insist on the way we increase of ease of travel.

Local Commutation should be brought under the ‘security net’ to increase the safety. While the law of the land busy protecting the post mishaps, we recommend such accidents have to be removed at the root-level to avoid any such mishaps or bring it down, especially women were traveling to the new place all alone. Collect their mobile with your security-net subject their willingness to take your help. Technology can help.

Hotels should start customizing their cuisine for visiting customers. It brings lots of advantages for the hotel and customer.  Hotels should go the extra mile to avail the data from airlines by consuming their web services, subject to the data usage policy.

We can go in-depth on each area, also can provide the complete solution architecture subject to your interest. Stay in touch, and we can explore more. Thanks, folks, for reading my blog.

About the Author :
Baskar Rengaiyan
Baskar Rengaiyan, Chief Executive Officer
27+ Years in Software Industry, served as CIO twice and Global Leadership role for Travel & Transportation. Honorary advisor to one of the world’s largest airport. Created Product IPs and hosted successfully for the Travel & Transportation Industry. Active Member of Smart cites initiatives for few Asian countries. Delivered successful digital transformation for Top 30 Airlines, Logistics, Car Rental companies across the globe.
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